Sales & Install Testimonials

Our theatre wanted to purchase some theatre lighting. Nite Owl refused to sell until we took some on line training first. Show me a salesman anywhere that would do that. It was a deal clincher and we have trusted their advice and been loyal customers since.

Patrick Casement, Wadena Players Theatre

A quick note to say "Thanks" again for the great service you provided in getting me the PA I need for my solo acoustic gigs. The way you analyzed my needs based on my performance requirements, standard venue types, etc then custom matched the mixer and speakers to meet those needs with great quality gear for a very reasonable price was fantastic. With so much choice for gear out there, it can be pretty intimidating for someone not very knowledgeable, and you made the process extremely painless! 
You're the best!!! 

Ray Richards

Church Sound Installation

Bill came in and helped us out in a bad situation. We were building our church, and our sound tech left us with a poorly designed system. Bill came in, designed, supplied and installed a sound system that serves us very well. He is always checking in to see how the system is working and has helped us out with more speakers and monitors as our needs have grown. Bill is extremely knowledgeable and will never sell or install anything that he wouldn’t use himself. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a system designed for your new or existing building.

Dan Dupuis

IHMP Martensville

Church Light Installation

Hello Bill,

I wanted to take a moment to drop you an email on the new LED lights that we recently purchased from your Company.  We at St. Peters' parish in Unity, SK were able to have the LED lights mounted and in use for the Easter Triduum.  They are an awesome addition to our church lighting. The brightness on the white cloth on the altar is unlike any white we have experienced and the readers at the ambo (podium) have said that they appreciate the better lighting.  The lighting was easy to adjust with all its various features.  We look forward to many years of great lighting.  Thank you for your professional guidance on the LED lights.  We would recommend them to anyone. 

St. Peter's Parish

KC Manor - Sound Installation

We are seniors independent apartment residence with multiple rooms requiring sound.  Night Owl revamped our current sound system and it is working beautifully.   The sound is clear and loud, easy to operate, and fully functional. We are very happy with the staff, the work habits, and in general, every aspect of dealing with this company.   I highly recommend them for any of your sound needs.  

K.C. Charities Inc., (Columbian Manor)

Saskatoon, SK

Hi Bill,

Just a note this morning to say 'thank you' for helping us out with the new gear...we played last night at one of my favorite spots here in the city. Set up was easy, my daughter and I went in in the afternoon and got the basics done, and then just some fine-tuning later on and we were in business.

Comments were very good, we're having fun, and I'm really happy with our new and improved sound. I especially like the beta microphone! Anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge, and for having us in to try everything out before moving forward with a purchase. I've been passing your name on, as I appreciate the great service.

Sinda Shaw


Leader Composite School

Dear Bill:

I just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciated your input and assistance with our recent purchase of sound and lighting equipment for our school. When we first embarked on this venture of purchasing new equipment, I must admit, we were a little intimidated by the scope of such a project and by the different options that were available to us. Your background and experience helped clarify our needs and made our purchase very easy. This combined with your helpful suggestions after the purchase enabled us to have the most successful school dance we have ever had. We couldn’t believe it….when the dance finally ended the entire student body in attendance applauded. That has never happened before, even when we have hired a professional DJ. The quality of sound from the sound system we purchased plus the light show made the dance experience a great one for students, staff and chaperones alike. We are looking forward to using this equipment in the future for events such as school dances, graduation, Christmas Concert and our annual drama night.

Once again, thanks for all of your help and guidance through this project. We are confident that have quality equipment that will provide us with years of service. We most certainly will not hesitate to give you a call when it comes to purchasing additional equipment.

Sincerely, David Thorburn, Principal

Leader Composite School

St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, Bruno, SK:

Operating a donation-driven non-profit charity is never easy, and finding the money for special projects like purchasing new sound equipment for our auditorium is harder still. Night Owl Entertainment came highly recommended to us by several of our supporters, and their praise for Bill and his team could not have been more properly placed. 

St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission Bruno SK - Image

Night Owl walked with us and worked with us, helping us to get both the best value and best quality gear that we could afford within our budget. When one of the pieces of gear was late in arriving before a big event that we were hosting, Bill graciously arranged a higher-quality substitute—gratis, at that!— to see us through until our gear arrived. And, Bill's recommendations for gear were bang on: we've received countless compliments, coming from the 'average Joe' through to professional musicians, about the quality and clarity of sound in our auditorium now. If you want top-quality service, prices, and equipment, forget everyone else and give Night Owl Entertainment a call.

James Riley

Director of Communications and Media Productions
St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission

Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, Saskatoon, SK:

To the Night Owl Crew William and Andrew,

On behalf of our Pastor and Parish Council, I would like to thank you for the recent supply and installation of a sound system for our church.

The process from estimate to the final completion was done with much care and attention to detail.

I was impressed with the respect they showed God's house and me as a representative of the parish council during the installation process.

Andrew and William worked very hard to do the best possible job in making decisions on how to place the speakers and conceal the wiring so that it was tidy as well as safe of any encumbrances.

The quality of the equipment installed has a very natural sound and had room for add-ons down the road by its many available features.

I would highly recommend the Night Owl crew to anyone who would want quality, expertise combined with care when considering a new sound system or upgrade in their church or commercial building

With warm regards,

James R. Davis


Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
2202 Lorne Ave.
Saskatoon, SK.

Battleford Arena Installation, Town of Battleford, SK:

Hi Bill, Evan, and Ratu;

The new sound equipment is in a word "Awesome". The crystal clear sound is remarkable and the extra power isn't a bad thing either - this is a hockey rink after all. Thanks for all your work from evaluation to installation and setup. You were professional and down to earth from start to finish. Didn't oversell but definitely supplied us with quality equipment from the Shure wireless mic to the QSC amps - Top Notch stuff.

Battleford Arena Installation Town of Battleford SK - Image

Thanks to Bill, Evan, Ratu and Night Owl!

Night Owl does an Excellent job and I would strongly recommend all of their services. These people are true professionals and have a passion for their work.

Look forward to seeing you in the future I know you will be doing the Grads again in our area.

Kelly Oliphant

Town of Battleford
Battleford Arena

St. Augustine Parish:

I would just like to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into upgrading the sound system at our parish. Before you entered the picture, we had gotten numerous suggestions from different parties and businesses about how to fix it. We had already purchased some equipment, microphones, soundboard, etc.. and rented others. Our sound system had deteriorated over the last 20 years with lots of feedback and a distorted sound. We could not determine if the problem was in the power unit or in the speakers that were raised about 40’ in the air.

St. Augustine Parish - Image

Bill came out, listened to the system and suggested that we let him bring in some testing equipment to determine the source of the problem. No one else that we talked to had recommended this action. And just before he came, we had been prepared to add a number of speakers to the system as the next step.

We got him in to test the system and found that the speakers were just fine and what we required was a new power unit which we got him and his crew to install at a later date. Our sound system now works divinely and I expect will keep the congregation listening for many years to come.

Further to this, his charges were very much in line with what we would expect to pay. In the end, he saved us a lot of $$$ by checking out the system properly before replacing perfectly good parts. He also incorporated the equipment that we had purchased prior to him coming on board. We do wish that we had known about his services before we started messing around with the system ourselves.

Thanks again for your courteous and professional work.

Richard Kosokowsky

St. Peter's Catholic Church:

Our gratitude goes out to Bill Webster and Night Owl Audio for their professional service and knowledgeable expertise in helping us design a new sound system for our Church hall. Bill and his team gave us down to earth advice that helped us make the best decision and purchase for our needs. We were constantly having problems with speakers and microphones cutting in and out to the point of having to regularly tap on a mic to see if it was working before we began speaking. After sharing the problem with Bill on the phone he took the time to personally come out to our small rural community, and investigate the source of our problem.

St. Peter's Catholic Church - Image

After giving us professional advice, he gave us several options that would work best for our needs. Thanks to Bill and his staff we finally have a system that we are confident in when we approach a microphone, and everyone is able to hear loud and clear. Thanks, Night Owl!

Father Gerard Cooper

St Peter’s Catholic Church
Unity SK

St. Joseph's Catholic Church:

Many thanks to Bill, Evan and Andrew at Night Owl Audio for their help in providing and installing upgrades to the St Joseph’s Catholic Church sound system. The addition of a new mixer, sanctuary speakers and overhead microphones for the choir area greatly improved the quality of sound in the sanctuary and our ability to make changes to individual microphones as needed during the service.
Their design allowed us to use some of our original equipment and plan for future upgrades as our budget allows. The Night Owl crew was clearly knowledgeable about the products that they were installing. They were very good at explaining our options in a language we could understand.
They were on time for meetings with us and conscientious about cleaning the sanctuary after the installation. They were available to monitor and adjust the system during a church service and explained how to use the new equipment to ensure that it was running smoothly.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Image

I would highly recommend Night Owl Audio to anyone considering installing a system or an upgrade to an existing system.

Alexander Grier

St Joseph’s Catholic Church
Saskatoon SK

Melfort and Unit Comprehensive Collegiate:

"I have also had the pleasure of working with Bill Webster when ordering audio equipment for the Melfort Minor Sports Association and for the Melfort United Church. Bill provides an honest and knowledgeable opinion and numerous options for the various pieces of audio equipment that may be needed. He works hard to find the best equipment that will fit within the budget of the organization. I highly recommend Bill Webster as an audio equipment consultant and supplier. In conclusion, Night Owl Entertainment offers professional services and I recommend them without hesitation."

Kevin Schmidt,

Teacher at Melfort and Unit Comprehensive Collegiate


Night Owl Audio

306 Isabella Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7M 0E1