Meet Andy

Andy can be described as directed, thorough, and detail-oriented. Always stylishly neat and trim in appearance, well-spoken, and articulate. Son of Della and Bill, he is proud of the family business and appreciates the talents and skills of the people who work with Night Owl.

Andy attributes this success as both an audio engineer and DJ to simply having a wealth of experience in a variety of styles as a performer and listener. For clients in the DJ market, this means he can expertly select and tailor a music mix for any audience. Go to our Contact Us page and choose Andy from the drop-down list and message him with an overview of your needs.

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With a double degree in Music Education, Andy has a keen ear and technical insight as an audio engineer and technician.

“As any performer knows it’s all about connection, the connection between the other musicians on stage, connection with an audience. As a live audio guy, I am simply facilitating that connection. There are many factors that come into play but the goal is simple, make it sound good! Like any musical pursuit, having a concept of what you're trying to achieve acoustically is fundamental. My job is to use the right tools to get a mix there”.


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